cargo import borongan

caapfreight - solution
caapfreight – solution

Others: 08551104809

PIN BBM : 586B23AD


  • CAAP is new kind of
  • We providers maritime, air and multimodal transport services for both import and exports
  • Also, warehousing, customs clearance, distribution, insurance and more
  • We have a large, conprehensive, and exclusive international network of agent and collaborators, covering any services for or from any place in the world
  • Over the years, CAAP Logistic has accumulated a wealth of experience, based on continuously adapting our resources and always prioritising our professionalis
  • We have always endeavoured to ensure that we are able to offer our client any type of international transport with the highes guarantee in terms of logistic operations in the following areas : export – import, triangular transport, worldwide delivery and collection, door to door of any type ( maritime, air, land and multimodal ) as well as through special projects and advisory services for businesses
  • Is to provide and guarantee a comprehensive service to exporting and importing firms, known for its professional and personalized care, high technology, reliability and speed. Optimizing costs, so as to contribute to the success of our customers, employees and welfare of profitability for shareholders. We are commited to listen with the purpose to understand their needs.
  • An integral part of services, broker business, consulting, management, customs and international trade companies importing and exporting of our country carried out with the aim to contribute to increasing the profit of your business.


  •      Number one logistics operator around the world.


  •  Importers, exporters, for a variety of industries, including agriculture, machinery, textile foodstuffs, automobiles,  spare parts, apparel, electronics, sports equipment, consumer goods and more.






Silahkan anda menghubungi kami di Others: 08551104809, jasa borongan specialist import barang-barang bekas dari USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/CHINA/SINGAPORE

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